Nybo invites superintendents to join school funding conversations in Springfield

In anticipation of a school funding roundtable guided by the Governor, State Senator Chris Nybo (R-Elmhurst) invited local superintendents to join the conversation in Springfield on July 27. Dr. Jeff Schuler from Community Unit School District 200 and Dr. Hank Thiele from Community High School District 99 attended from Nybo’s district.   

“It’s really important to me to include our superintendents in this school funding discussion happening in Springfield—especially considering this issue’s outcome could negatively impact countless schools across the state,” said Nybo. “The new school year is just one month away, and our school districts need their funding now to ensure that every school will open their doors on time. Earning the support and involvement of superintendents would put more momentum behind the push for the release of the state’s school funding bill.” 

Governor Rauner and Secretary of Education Beth Purvis briefed superintendents from all across the state on Senate Bill 1 (SB 1)—the evidence-based funding model passed by the General Assembly—and its drastic implications for schools, as well as his plan to improve the legislation to increase funding for every school district in Illinois. Lastly, he asked for support of the release of SB 1, which is currently being held hostage by a procedural maneuver enlisted the by the Senate Democrats.   

Following the meeting, Nybo met with Superintendents Schuler and Thiele to discuss SB 1 and its impact on their specific school districts. He also delved into the topic of property taxes and how the Governor’s plan would provide more funding to their school districts, which would make up for the potential impact of a possible property tax freeze on school districts that rely more on those taxes.

“A superintendent is one of the most influential voices in a school district, and it says a lot that they traveled down to Springfield to help us resolve this statewide issue,” said Nybo. “I admire their dedication, and I share their determination to fight for immediate and equitable school funding for all Illinois school districts. Our schools can’t wait anymore.”

The Governor has called for the release of SB 1, and upon receipt, he has announced he will issue an amendatory veto that will remove hundreds of millions of dollars that is unfairly directed to Chicago Public Schools, resulting in more adequate and equitable funding for all Illinois students, no matter the zip code.

In a press conference on Wednesday, July 26, the first day of the Governor’s special session on school funding reform, Senate President Cullerton announced intentions to release SB 1 for the Governor’s review on Monday, July 31 rather than earlier in the week.

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